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My name is Don Wright and Welcome to my World of DigiDoodles.

My art consists primarily of one line. This one line repeats itself, giving a motion,
a vibration or dimensional feeling to the image. This is Vibrational Art and
it has been infused with my love and creativity.

The price of my DigiDoodles is $40.00 ea including shipping anywhere in Canada. For a limited time I will provide a bonus doodle at no extra charge.

Please feel free to browse. If you have any questions about my art, I welcome you to contact me at


"432" Copyright don wright 2015
8x10 Signed Digidoodle Print

It is said that that the earth's vibrational frequency is 432Hz. This is significant, because the musical note "A" has been decreed to be 440Hz in popular world music. The problem is, "A" was always meant to be 432Hz. There is a grass roots movement to return the musical note "A" to its rightful frequency. Some say, the "tuning up" of our musical notes has set our music out of tune to our mother earth and created an "on edge" feeling. Our bodies too, have a vibrational frequency. That frequency was always in step with our environment. That frequency is 432Hz.