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My name is Don Wright and Welcome to my World of DigiDoodles.

My art consists primarily of one line. This one line repeats itself, giving a motion,
a vibration or dimensional feeling to the image. This is Vibrational Art and
it has been infused with my love and creativity.

The price of my DigiDoodles is $40.00 ea including shipping anywhere in Canada. For a limited time I will provide a bonus doodle at no extra charge.

Please feel free to browse. If you have any questions about my art, I welcome you to contact me at

About Me

My name is Don Wright and I live in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario.

My art is directly inspired by spirit and my adventures and relationship with the pristine and beautiful land of N’Daki Menan,
Teme-Augami Anishnabai , Deep Water by the Shore People.

Woodland Art has given me a way to express my love and respect for this land and its people. The language of Woodland Art is a powerful language of interdependency and reconciliation.

Viewing my art, one should feel moved by the virtues of Love, Joy and Peace. My simple art compels you to dream, imagine and explore your relationship with Spirit, Self and Creation. I want my art to unite you with your surroundings and provide you with understanding that

All is One.